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SlideScreen for android

Posted on 1/25/2010 by A.A.I

There are a number of home-screen replacement apps available in the android market. They handle everything from themes and skins to adding more screens, widgets and app trays. I've tried a number of them and for a time was more than happy with some. The problem being of course none of them lasted. I'd end up getting rid of them either out of necessity or having become bored with them.

Changing the way the screen looks and feels is one thing but changing the way the home screen functions is completely different. There are a few replacement apps on the market that acheieve this and today where talking about SlideScreen. Slidescreen changes everything about your homescreen from top to bottom. Some users may even want to use it as a stand alone app instead of a screen replacement. More on that a little later. The best way to describe SlideScreen is a streamlined presentation of all your data and info on a...sliding screen. Incoming and unread; emails, text messages twitter and facebook updates, rss feeds, calender events, stock quotes and weather info all on page.
Sliding the center bar, the slider; which contains the information you'd normally have in the notification area on your android device, reveals more updates in the two sections. The two sections being public and private. The private category located at the top contains your text messages, call log, emails and calendar events. The public located at the bottom has everything else; twitter, facebook, rss feeds etc. Sliding all the way up or down enter filter mode where you can move through each individual group. The interface is very well designed and even on my G1 the sliding was smooth. I liked having all my new information in one place and the simple yet sleek design makes Slidescreen well worth the download. It's worth noting that slidescreen contains only the one screen, so if used as a home screen replacement you sacrifice having multiple screens and widgets. For some this application may be better utilized as a stand alone app.

Slidescreen is currently available for free on the android market (ad supported) with the pro version listed as $6.99 (no ads)

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