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Android Tip #1 - Market Alternatives

Posted on 9/01/2010 by A.A.I

Tip #1 Market Alternatives

The mobile world is full of apps. That's the way the game is played now.  And I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. And i'm pretty sure most people reading this, like it that way.  There is of course a slight downside to the app utopia we've live in.  On the android market alone there are currently 100,000+ apps. Which is amazing when you look back. The G1; the first android powered device,  launched in late 2008. And the app pickings were slim my friends. But now with so many apps available the task of not only finding apps that do what you want but finding quality apps; can be all that more difficult.

Now the android market has seen some upgrades in the latests versions but shifting through countless lists of
apps is still very much apart of the experience. Which works, but there are alternatives.


With Cyrket you can browse the android market from your PC or Mac browser. Searching for apps is simple but what I really like is the inclusion of QR-codes, ratings and comments/reviews.  Once you find an app you want it's as simple as scanning the QR-code with your device and being sent directly to said app within the android market.  This is a very convenient and helpful alternatives to surfing the android market from your phone.



"The Social Android Market"
When I got my first android device I was a market junkie.  I was checking it constantly throughout the day.  A task that has become far to daunting and time consuming. Who has time to scroll through that many new apps every day?  With AppAware you can view live, all the apps that are being installed, uninstalled and even updated by other android users. Taking it a step further you can see the Top apps of the last hour, the last day or week. As well as applying a filter and only seeing apps that are installed to user with your particular device. You can find AppAware in the android market.


" iTunes for Android"
I've been talking and tweeting and posting about doubletwist for a long time now.
It is hands down the best sync option for android users.  And the latest versions support browsing the android market.  Apps are displayed with; summary, screen caps, reviews, rating, price and QR-codes. Making it pretty simple to both find and download application to your android handset.  And if you're interested doubletwist launched it's own media player to the market.

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  1. So are these like mirror sites of the market or do they actually differ?

  2. for the most part they are all sites or that index the market and provide methods of download. Appaware on the other hand while still acting as the others do. Allows for a social aspect of seeing what apps other's are using.

  3. you can find here a list of alternatives :

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