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Review: Opera Mini for Android

Posted on 4/14/2010 by A.A.I

You may have heard the news. Opera Mini was recently approved for the iPhone. Well android users have had access to the opera mini browser for some time now, over a year in fact! Opera mini is a browser that offers "faster more cost-efficient browsing". Opera Mini's browser operates with servers that compress around 90% of the browsing data before sending it back to you. Making the experience much faster for the user. You can also take advantage of Opera's syncing to join your PC and phone's browser. This is an app that we've had on our review list for some time so lets get into it!

This app is smooth and well designed. When you get it loaded up you're presented with a homescreen. This window holds "speed dials" pages and/or bookmarks that you can set or that you have visited recently. Once you decided to add a site to these dials you can see that the page begins to load in the background before you even try to visit the site. As we mentioned before Opera Mini compresses web pages off site and then delivers them to you. So you don't get the full page, you receive a compressed version. You can jump into the settings to adjust the settings to change things like image quality, full screen mode and font size. You can easily add new tabs and switch between them. Hitting the menu button brings up the on screen navigation and or the address bar if you're in fullscreen mode. Hit the little wrench to access; bookmarks, history, the start page, saved pages, downloads, settings, find in page, and help.

Even on 3G this browser is one of the fastest i've used on Android. It renders pages quickly, is easy to navigate and is solid enough to replace the stock browser. The downside is of course that this browser does not support multi touch but the double tap zooming feature is accurate and easy to use. To see a video review and comparison with the stock android browser click here.

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