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Got Froyo? Now you need Chrome-to-Phone!

Posted on 7/29/2010 by A.A.I

So your already awesome android device just got a blast of Froyo (android 2.2). You've checked out all the new features.  You've shown the live wallpaper to all your iPhone totting buddies. And you can't get enough of Flash in the browser. Now what?

If that's as far as you've gone with your Froyo exploration you're not done yet. Back at Google I/O one of the things they showed off that really excited me was a cloud to device service.  Enter: Chrome-to-Phone!
If you're like me you've been surfing on your computer and had to leave for one reason or another. And you wanted to continue reading or checking out that page. Only a few options were readily available to you as you went on your merry way. You could simply bookmark the page for later or you could email the page to your phone.  Simple enough I suppose, but there is a better option.

With Chrome-to-Phone you can simply hit the browser extension and the open page in your browser will be sent directly to your android device. This works with youtube videos and maps as well! You can even select text and phone numbers in the browser and send them to your phone's clipboard or directly to the dialer.
If you want to try chrome-to-phone for yourself head to the code page and install the extension and the apk for your phone.

Check out this video of Chrome-to-Phone from TechCrunch.

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