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Game Review: WordFeud for Android

Posted on 9/28/2010 by A.A.I

Today we're taking a look at a game which I think makes this our first game review. Let us know what you think. Wordfeud is a  free crossword/scrabble game for android.  It offers up the ability to play with friends or random players. Making this a social game. The game currently has two game types normal and random: which scatters bonus tiles around the board.  Currently the game contains 3 language dictionaries; English, Norwegian and Dutch. There is a 72 hour time out. Which means whoever's turn it was after 72 hours resigns from the game and the other player wins.  With recent updates players can have up to 30 different games going at once.  Push notification is available and has been greatly improved. And the game also allows for custom profile pictures. 

I've been enjoying this game for weeks. It has everything that I love and all the things have made similar games popular on other platforms (i.e, 'Words With Friends' on iPhone.) It allows me to play with other users and I really like being able to have several games going at once. Not to mention the 'ongoing distant chess match' nature of taking your turn when you have the time and not sweating it until then.  There is one annoyance that may be a deal breaker for some. After every turn you are directed to a full screen add, and you need to hit skip to go back to the game. For me this isn't much of an issue as it take only a few seconds to deal with. For others this may be a big issue.  For a 'social game that offers up potentially hours of game play look no further; WordFeud does a good job of standing up against it's more popular counterpart on the iPhone. Let us know what you think of WordFeud below. 

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