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Bug hits HTC Evo users when they dial 911!

Posted on 9/02/2010 by A.A.I

So reports are going around concerning a bug affecting some HTC Evo devices.  This doesn't seem to be a wide spread situation. Of course it would require you to dial 911 to test it out on your individual device.  Something I can't advise.  The reports are stating that when a user dials 911 in a potential emergency situation, the device powers off. A serious issue at the worst possible time.

The solution for this seems to be a 16 digit code that users need to enter in order to contact the emergency services.  It's also a good idea to contact sprint if you have a Evo to be sure of what you need to do to call 911.

A quick  search of the Sprint message board provided this post.;jsessionid=DA8A05858C879A37667ACFCF1FE8B4C6.app3jive1

You can visit this link to see video coverage of the issue.

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