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Twidroyd 4.1 released

Posted on 10/08/2010 by A.A.I

We've been talking a lot about Tweetdeck lately and neglecting our favorite android twitter app. So we're going to give Twidroyd a once over before we head off to enjoy our weekend. 

The most recent builds of Twidroyd have packed in a number of new features and changes.  Now I for one have been trying out the latest Tweetdeck beta; so Twidroyd had to take a back seat for a while.  In fact I was nearing the point where I started to question the need for me to have both on my device.   That was until "livepreview" mode.  Now it isn't new to the latest build but the latest build allows livepreview in portrait as well as landscape display. 

[Image via Gizmodo]

The LivePreview mode is really reminiscent of the "new twitter" layout.  It saves greatly on the amount of time you need to spend going from the app to the browser. And for those feeling a bit uneasy about clicking short links the livepreview displays the page without the need to actually click on anything.  This mode alone is a major reason to check out Twidroyd if you've been using something else. Not to mention that widgets and themes are now free in all versions.    I'll include a quick look at some of the latest changes.

new in 4.1
  •  LivePreview™ in portrait mode (via long-press on tweet)
  •  widgets and color themes are now free in all versions!
  •  multi-account switch for LivePreview
  •  upside/down rotation for LivePreview (if device supports this)
  •  view favorites of other users
  • added twitlonger auto-expand as an option
  • copy to clipboard for trends (long-press trending topic item)
  • cut-off twitlonger messages when containing special characters
  • LivePreview crashes when profile pictures are disabled
  • OK button to auto-complete hashtag dialog
  • tweet about twidroyd if you like it
  • description text when sharing a link with dolphin browser
Click for a full changelog of this and previous updates. 

Twidroyd offers both a free and Pro version. 

                                             Scan with your android device to download.

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