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Video: T-mobile claims largest 4G network.

Posted on 11/05/2010 by A.A.I

T-mobile has launched a new series of commercials to promote what they are calling "Americas largest 4G network" Check out the video below along with the web exclusive.

It's not common knowledge for most consumers but none of the major network in the US offer true 4G, technically.  One of the requirements of 4G from a technical standpoint is that the network deliver down-speeds of at least 100 mbps. Of course that is only one way to look at it. From a less technical viewpoint 4G can of course simply be the 4th generation of technology supporting the network. Which I think still may not be the case for most wireless companies.  And all of this may either really confusing or not matter at all; studies have shown that more than half of costumers still don't know what 3G is let alone 4G. 

Click here for our breakdown of 3G, "Super 3G"(HSPA+), and 4G 

Today T-mobile released this web exclusive via twitter that takes another shot at FaceTime and AT&T.

How do feel about T-mobile totting the 4G name?  comment below.

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