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Verizon's upgrade policy change. 20 months for new phone.

Posted on 1/05/2011 by A.A.I

Apparently starting January 16th Verizon will be "simplifying' it's upgrade policy.  Customers on the standard two year contract will have to wait 20 months to upgrade to a new device. This leaves these customers waiting until their contracts are nearly up to upgrade. Additionally the New Every Two program will be phased out as those customers re-new contracts.  1 year contract customers will not be affected.

It appears the Annual upgrades are getting the boot all together. Customers are voicing their concern about their phones being supported/updated for that long.  Some are speculating that a policy change like this will push/support users towards the iPhone which is upgraded once a year.  Leave us your thoughts below.

[via Androidcentral]

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