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Kyocera Echo - The first dual-touchscreen Android phone

Posted on 2/10/2011 by A.A.I

Sprint announced the Kyocera Echo earlier this week, the first dual-touchscreen Android phone.
The device features two 3.5" 800x480 screens which can be used as one large screen or individually.
The deice can also be closed and used as a typical single screen device.  Said to launch this spring the device will run android 2.2.

  • Android 2.2
  • Dual Screens 800x480
  • Sprint’s nationwide 3G network and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)*
  • Wi-Fi hotspot capability, which supports wireless connections for up to five devices
  • 5MP camera, 720P video recording, flash and digital zoom
  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor (QSD 8650 Android)
  • 1370mAh battery  (which won't last long with two screens) + a free spare battery.
  • Stereo Bluetooth® 2.1 (+ EDR) 
  • 1 gigabyte (GB) of onboard memory and an 8GB - 32GB microSD™ ca

Screen Modes

  • Single-Screen Mode with all the functionality of a single-display, touch-screen smartphone.
  • Simul-Task™ Mode with two of the phone’s seven core apps (messaging, e-mail, Web browsing, phone, gallery, contacts and VueQue™) running concurrently but independently on the dual displays – e.g., reading e-mail on one screen and opening a text message on the other; checking Facebook® via the browser on one screen while looking through a photo gallery on the other; or even searching the Web on one screen and checking email on the other.
  • Optimized Mode with both displays supporting a single, optimized app with complementary functionality and enhanced usability – e.g., composing e-mail on one screen with a touchscreen keyboard on the other; watching a YouTube™ video on one display while browsing and queuing additional YouTube videos on the other (with a preloaded Kyocera app called VueQue™); or viewing gallery images on one display while browsing image thumbnails on the other.
  • Tablet Mode with one application spread across both displays for a full 4.7-inch viewing area. Tablet Mode is ideal for viewing maps, videos, websites, detailed documents, and long lists on-the-go.


For more info.
Check out the Spring Echo minisite.

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