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Official Netflix app available for Android

Posted on 5/13/2011 by A.A.I

Just the other day while writing up my short review of HBO GO: for Android, we mentioned the long wait that android users have endured in regards to a netflix app. So of course the official app goes live only a day or so later.  I'd be hard pressed to come up with another app that has been more anticipated than a Netflix app on android.  And now it's finally here.   The official app is just what you'd expect if you got your hands on any of those leaked APKs. And for the most part it seems that little was changed. 

The basics: When the app loads you are given a small sampling of available films from a variety of categories. And navigating between these categories as well as the different tabs (Genres, Search and Queue) is simple enough. You can add and remove things from your queue. Which makes this app great for managing your queue while you're out and about instead of trying to remember the name of the movie you just heard about until you get home. The one improvement that came to mind that I'd like to see is, New Releases! This app certainly won't replace my computer, television or xbox for netflix viewing but I'd still like to be able to view the latest additions to the library.   As far as actually watching movies it was a smooth process on my t-mobile 3G connection and over wifi. My brother is on Sprint which isn't all that good in our area and is able to watch movies just fine on his EVO.  So all users may need to be concerned with is going over their carrier's data cap due to all the movie watching. 

And of course it needs to be mentioned that for the time being only a few devices will be able to use the app, including those listed below. Though I'm seeing reports of the app working on some Droid devices as well. 
  • HTC Incredible 2.2+
  • HTC Nexus One 2.2+
  • HTC EVO 4G with 2.2+
  • HTC G2 2.2+
  • Samsung Nexus S 2.3+
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