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Hulu Plus app arrives in android market.

Posted on 6/28/2011 by A.A.I

We mentioned awhile back the a Hulu Plus app was in the works for android.  Well it's finally here.
Unfortunately for some reason or another tablets aren't feeling the love. Which is the same deal with Netflix at the moment. Not to mention it's not ready for most devices yet. But something is better than nothing. Currently the Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Inspire 4G, Droid X, Droid 2 and the Atrix are capable of using this app.

You'll need to have Hulu Plus access. ($7.99 per month.) But if you grab the app there is a "free gallery" to give you a feel of what the app offers. Browsing the content and streaming was simple enough. And Playback was good quality on 3G, which will of course depend on your network and area.  Will you be watching?  Is this app offering enough to make you signup for Hulu Plus?

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