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Xoom 2 and other devices leaked by motorola.

Posted on 6/17/2011 by A.A.I

Xoom 2

It's a constant truth of technology, it moves fast. So it really shouldn't come as a surprise to me that the Xoom 2 may be in the works while I'm still considering purchasing the original. Or that a new Nexus device is rumored to drop later this year. Right when i'm ready to settle for a G2x to replace my Nexus One.

Earlier this month Motorola 'inadvertently' leaked images of a number of it's future devices from it's mobility site redesign. was quick on the gun and able to grab some screen shots.  Among them the Slimeline and Zaha handsets, a watch phone named the Tracy XL, the Motorola Xoom 2, the Motorola Pearl and the LTE enabled Motorola Targa. 

Motorola Slimline

Motorola Zaha

Motorola Tracy XL

I can't help but wonder how the Tracy XL will compare to the android powered watch that we talked about last week. I even included a Dick Tracy joke back in that post. Check it out. 

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