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Google Music leaves beta

Posted on 11/16/2011 by A.A.I

Google Music has left beta, having launched in may. And the new announcement that just landed at the Google event adds the much anticipated music store to the mix.  For now this is limited to the US but being that this is google we're talking about it will go international in time.   The store offers more than 13 million tracks from artist on Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment EMI and  Merlin; the Global independent rights agency. As well as over 1000 independent labels.

Songs and Albums can be purchased straight from the browser or your android device and are instantly added to your library to be accessed anywhere.  After you've bought your music you can share single tracks or entire albums with friends on Google+ who can listen to the tracks or albums in full (once).

Google is also offering plenty of exclusive content to draw in users.  This includes a live EP from Coldplay, six exclusives releases from the Rolling Stones and the exclusive debut of Busta Rhymes's new album.  As well as live recordings from Shakira, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band and an exclusive mix from Tiesto.  All free.

Artist Hub:
Taking a bite out of Myspace's Music pages. Any artist who has the rights to their content can distribute their own music through Google Music. And use it to build an artist page.  Upload music, set your own prices and sell directly through Google Music.  This is big for independent artists. Combine Google Music with Google+ and YouTube and an artist can also be their own manager and PR rep.  A 70-30 split for artists.

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