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Fight SOPA with the Boycott SOPA app

Posted on 1/18/2012 by A.A.I

In case you've been living in a dark cave secluded from the world and/or the internet. Today is "Blackout SOPA" day.  For a little more info on what SOPA is and why it's bad click here and  here.   A lot of popular sites have joined in the fight against SOPA and the internet as a whole has put forth a major effort to spread information and get the word out. As of today several supporters have backed away from SOPA/PIPA as a result of the backlash caused by today's blackout. 

Take it a step further.  With the Boycott SOPA app you can scan barcodes on items you wish to purchase and see if that particular company is in support or opposition of SOPA. And as well all know big companies respond to a drop in their bottom line more than anything else. 

scan with android device

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