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Deal Alert: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250

Posted on 3/21/2012 by A.A.I

This one is a bit of a last call update.   Yesterday the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was once again featured among the deals on  This time the device totting Android 4.0 is going for $459.99 ($290 dollars off)
The last  time we saw the Galaxy Nexus it was going for $529.99 just a month ago, so this is a significant price drop.

These deals only last for 24 hours and while supplies last, so if you've been holding out for a Galaxy Nexus this deal may just be what you're looking for. And as you can see from the image there is only 6 hours left in this dailysteal.  (Also this device is not compatible with Sprint or Verizon networks.

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