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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Accessories available from Google Play Store

Posted on 5/30/2012 by A.A.I

 It was little over a month ago that Google got back into the hardware selling game.  Returning to an old strategy Google made it's Galaxy Nexus device available for purchase directly from the Google Play Store.  Since launch accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have been hard to come by.  And those wanting to be able to take advantage of the three pogo pins on their devices to power and charge them via their accessories have been stuck waiting. 

Available from the Google Play Store are two Desktop Docks and a Vehicle Mount. One of the desktop docks offers HDMI output while the other comes in a landscape form factor and utilizes the pogo pins on the side of the Galaxy Nexus.  The vehicle mount also utilizes thease pogo pins.  While they have been much awaited by Galaxy Nexus owners these accessories are currently only shipping in the US.  Also be aware that these accessories only work with the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus. 
Grab yours here

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