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NBC helps you gear up for the Olympics with two new apps.

Posted on 7/12/2012 by A.A.I

Just in case you somehow managed to be unaware the start of the London 2012 Olympics is only a couple weeks away. This major international event will feature the top athletes from over 200 nations. And for the first time every event will be broadcast over the internet.

And thanks to NBC and Adobe we have a pair of apps to help us keep track of our favorite athletes and watch live events. The NBC Olympics Live Extra app will stream 3,500 hours of live video and 302 medal competitions. While the NBC Olympics app will  list stats, results, athlete profiles and include social interaction. As someone who in the past has tried in vain to keep up with all the Olympic on-goings, I'm glad to see these apps released.

NBC Olympics Live Extra

The Live Extra app will be your place to keep track of events and watch them live. 3,500 hours of programming, 32 sports, awarding of 302 medals and event rewinds.  And it gets better, "Live Extra will provide concurrent streams of select sports, such as gymnastics (each apparatus), track and field (each event), and tennis (up to five courts.)"  So during these events instead of being stuck on one main view that moves from event to event, viewers can select which streams dedicated to individual events such as long jump and javelin.  

To view most of the content you will need to log in through your cable or satellite provider. There is no additional cost. Once you do can browse the sports tab and favorite any sport that you want to be alerted about. The app will remind you of every individual event that airs of that sport. Or for a more specific listing you can click the schedule tab and get a detailed listing of each individual event with times and dates. From there you can select to be reminded about those events. In the favorites tab you

NBC Olympics

The NBC Olympic app is pretty straight forward. It functions as a companion app to the Live Extra app. Providing Olympic news, stats, results, athlete profiles and more. This app will function greatly to help users add a little more substance to the events they watch. Events that will contain many athletes that may be completely unknown to some viewers.

The apps are available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and some Android devices.
All that being said I'm seeing a lot of users comment on other articles about the apps not being compatible with their android devices. I can confirm that only one of my three devices is compatible.  Leaving my Galaxy Nexus my only way of enjoying these apps. And on top of needing a cable login the apps appear to be U.S. only. Hopefully with some timely updates these apps will be made functional on more devices, in time for the Olympic games.

Download NBC Olympics Live Extra from Google Play store. 
Download NBC Olympics from Google Play store.

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