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Browse Safely with Link Buster

Posted on 11/20/2012 by A.A.I

If you spend any time on Twitter or Facebook you probably run across your share of  link spam in one form or another. And you may have even fallen prey to some.  By link spam we mean that obviously unusual post from your friend or individual that includes a shortened link of some kind. For example "I just made a ton of money just for completing this survey....(shortened link here)"  

This sort of spam/phishing can run rampant on social networks as individuals click links that have come from people they know and trust, who themselves received the link from someone they knew in one form or another. Accounts get compromised and more links go out to everyone in your contacts list, continuing the spread.  If you're lucky you end up simply passing along a dirty link and having to change your password. If you're unlucky, that link you clicked can begin a download of software that can do much more damage than simply annoying your friends.


At this point some of you are deciding that this just isn't something you'd fall for.  But anyone can make a mistake especially if someone helps you make it. What about html links elsewhere on the net that lead to sites other than what the link describes. For example.  if you click that it takes you to our facebook page rather than the twitter but it could lead anywhere I want it to. Unless you hovered you might not catch that.

The issue being that  most of us know that you can get a peek at where a link is taking you by hovering over it and looking down at the status bar. (At least I hope you guys know that.) But on a mobile device there really isn't a "hover" equivalent. In fact since you're dealing with a touchscreen you can inadvertently click one of these "dirty links" just by navigating the site.  Not to mention some of the bugs and exploits that have been affecting android phones that visit malicious links. 

As far as your mobile concerns android has got you covered. Link Buster is an app that can open any link you click much like an alternate browser. Install if from the Google Play Store (link below) and when you see a link you're not sure about simply open it in Link Buster instead of your Browser.

After the link is open in Link Buster the full URL of the link is revealed along with the Web of Trust rating. The Web of Trust crowd sources is information from users just like us. It has a good reputation.

Having Link Buster appear as an option on every link you click may be a bit annoying for users not used to having multiple browser installed without a default set. But a moment of inconvenience wagered against never having to worry about a suspicious link is worth it in my opinion.

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