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Android 4.2.2 rolling out to Nexus devices

Posted on 2/19/2013 by A.A.I

Android 4.2.2 is rolling out to Nexus devices right now.  This is a incremental update to JellyBean  (4.2.) so nothing major here, just the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.  No real bells and whistles to speak of, most of this update will function behind the scenes. That combined with the fact that only a handful of devices are running 4.2 Jellybean this update isn't anything for most users to get excited about.  Here's a run down of  what we know about 4.2.2. so far. 

  •  Prompted to allow the connection when connecting via adb to a computer for the first time,  This small security enhancement will help keep your bootloader locked device safe if you lose it. 
  • App download notifications now shows time remaining.
  • Quick settings have been enhanced. Users can now long press on the Wifi and Bluetooth icons to toggle the setting. 
  • New sounds for wireless charging initiation and low battery alert. 
  • Vibration for notifications is longer in duration
  • New Gallery app animation allows faster loading.

[via Androidcentral]

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