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Google launches Chromecast

Posted on 7/24/2013 by A.A.I

Today along side the official announcement of the New Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 Google launched Chromecast. The small device is running a streamline version of Chrome OS. With it users can get content from their phones, tablets and laptop and onto their TVs.

There were a few questioned raised when Google pulled the Nexus Q from the PlayStore earlier this year. And now it makes sense, it wasn't simple abandonment of a failed endeavor.. They had something better coming down the pipe.  And that's what we have here, a smaller, cheaper and more functional Nexus Q.

Simply plug the device into the HDMI port on your TV, connect it to Wifi and next using your smartphone, tablet or laptop you can press the "cast" button that you'll find in your popular media apps. (youtube, netflix etc) Once you press the cast button the content is instantly broadcast to the bigger screen. This works for youtube, netflix and play store videos. As well as  music and chrome browser tabs.  That means that if the video will play in a chrome tab you can stream it to the big screen with Chromecast! And best of all is it's cross platform. During the demo not only did Chromecast work with both Android and iOS devices but handled both controlling the same content simultaneously.

Chromecast actually comes with 3 free months of Netflix that reportedly also applies to current members. If you take that into account along with the very affordable $35 price mark; current Netflix users are only taking a hit of about $11!  The device sold-out quickly on the Play Store but won't actually ship for around two weeks . And Amazon has it for sale and free shipment immediately but is now temporarily out of stock.

Check out this video of the demo from Ubergizmo.

You can order Chromecast from the Play Store and Amazon.

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