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Tweetcaster for Android

Posted on 1/31/2010 by A.A.I

For a lot of android users or smartphone users in general one of the first applications you're going to look for is a twitter app. And like many other mobile markets the android market is packed full of different twitter apps. To start this off, I'll go out on a limb and say that Twidroid has been the long standing king in the android market. Well, with the arrival of Tweetcaster it has some pretty solid competition.

Once you load the app and login, Tweetcaster is pretty simple to use. Select your account and you're presented with a view of your feed. Five tabs hover above your feed; tweets, mentions, direct messages, favorite tweets and lists. The app also supports multiple accounts(always a good thing) You'll find all the usual goodies of the more established twitter apps here. Click a user and get options to: view profile, reply, block, report as spam or direct message. Click a tweet and you get; reply, favorite, retweet as well as links if one is include. Though it lacks some features.

Tweetcaster's UI is very clean and smooth. The app itself is responsive and I actually enjoyed using this. It was a nice change from the functional but boring Twidroid UI. All in all, this is a good twitter app. Though I have to say coming from twidroid I find it to be lacking a bit. One of the issues I noticed in the app itself, was that it seemed to oddly shrink images if you chose to take them from within the app rather than upload from the SD card. Also an issue that some may not mind necessarily. Upon reload tweetcaster doesn't autoload from the top of the feed. It holds the position of the last tweet you viewed. If it hasn't been long since you last had it open it could seem as though it simply hasn't loaded the new tweets; until you scroll up. As I said some may prefer the app to work this way. I also missed being able to view tweets in full from the pull down notification tray. Tweetcaster simply places an icon in the tray with the number of new tweets displayed like many apps. And lastly there is at this time no option to choose my own notification sound. And the only attachments you can add to your tweets are images. My judgement... worth a download. It has everything the basic user needs in an twitter application.

Scan with your android phone to download tweetcaster.

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