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NexusOne OTA Update: Multitouch and more!

Posted on 2/02/2010 by A.A.I

As of today Nexus One users will start to receive an OTA: (Over the Air) update to their devices. Google expects most users to have this update by the end of the week. When your device is ready you'll receive a notification, simply download and follow the instructions and you're all set.
The update includes a number of fixes and a few new features. Google Goggles will now be available directly from the device, just launch from the 'All Apps' menu. Google Maps 3.4 will roll out with the update. This update to the map comes with several new features; synchronize favorites between device and PC, search suggestions based on web google maps history and Night mode for Google Maps Navigation. The night mode automatically adjusts your screen for optimal viewing during nighttime hours. A general for some users is included as well.

And probably the biggest news of this update(for some), the nexus one now has MultiTouch functionality. Multitouch is available within google maps, the gallery and web browser. This feature has long been sought after by many users as well as considered to be Androids weakness by some. Mg Segler over at reported for Venturebeat last year that Apple and Google had a "gentlemen's agreement" not to encroach on Apple's "property". Meaning google agree not to place multitouch functionality in it's devices even though it's been supported in the hardware since the G1. Needless to say nexusone users can now pinch and zoom just like their iPhone brethren. Check out the Engadet video below.

There is no word on these features being ported to other android devices at this time. Though I'd bet the google maps update hits all android devices. We'll keep you posted.

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