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Google Shopper takes on the competitors.

Posted on 2/21/2010 by A.A.I

The Breakdown:
We had a little fun comparing apps today. The newly launched Google Shopper takes on Snap Tell, Shop Savvy and Barcode Scanner. For this comparison we decided to try 4 different products on each; A book, a dvd, a video game and a random product (cheerios).

The first two apps; Google Shopper and Snap Tell, both function as image searching shopper apps. You can take a pic of book covers, dvd covers or simply a photo of the object. And both can scan bar-codes as well. The last two apps; Shop Savvy and Barcode Scanner function only as barcode scanners. To that affect, we are only comparing the value of the results given by each app. It's also worth noting that we didn't utilize voice search or text input for our results.

To keep this simple, we won't include the stopwatch results as each app is fairly quick at rendering it's results. More importanly, the quickness and ease of using each app seems to be dependent more-so on how easily you can get a clear image or focus your camera. Which will vary for each user. Shaky hands don't help.

The first product we put to the test was a book. Or in this case a comic/graphic novel.

Google Shopper: We got very accurate results. And it offered us both the paperback and hardback editions. Although all of the results were based on online prices (ie. , Barnes &, ...etc). We were also able to see details such as page count, author name and year of publishing.

SnapTell: Results were fairly accurate here as well but very limited. We got only one online result; from Amazon. And there were only 2 local results both from the same Barnes & Noble.

Shop Savvy: Gave us very accurate results via the barcode. 25 web results from various sites and 15 local stores. Variety of prices.

Barcode Scanner: Simply forwards your search to google shopping results. Doesn't seem to offer local results. Had a bit of trouble getting it to scan the barcode.

Next up was our DVD.

Google shopper: Our results here were much the same as with our book. Very accurate and easy to grab results. Several results, with listings from large chain retailers and online stores.

SnapTell: The results this time around weren't very accurate at all. We did find the movie but the results showed the book and video game as well. All in the same search.

Shop Savvy: Same story here again. The results were accurate and we were able to find a variety of prices. 20 web results, and 8 local.

Barcode Scanner: Again linked to google results and they were accurate. A number of online price listing, no local results.

Next our video game.

Google Shopper: This time around surprisingly; we only came up with 2 results. Amazon and a site called Gamequestdirect. We did pick this game because it's not exactly a best seller or highly popular. But still expected more results.

SnapTell: The results were even more inaccurate this time. We found the game, bundle packs, accessories, controls and many things that simply had Wii in the title. And one result was for a xbox360 control.

Shop Savvy: Remained very consistent, 6 web results, 12 local results. There were a number of decent deals as well.

Barcode Scanner: Results were fairly accurate, though I did end up with a number of accessories coming up in the results.

And lastly the trick question. Google Shopper and SnapTell are designed to scan Book and Cd covers. So we decided to throw it for a loop and scan a random everyday product. But we wanted it to be something fairly popular and highly recognizable.

Google Shopper: No results as far as image search and, even after scanning the barcode it gave only one result from a site i've never heard of. No local results.

SnapTell: Image search took a few tries. Unfortunately our search for plain old Honey Nut Cheerios came back as Triple Berry Blast Cheerios. Upon scanning the barcode there were no local or online results. And there was only one link to amazon.

Shop Savvy: 2 web results and no local results. We expected a bit more considering previous local results pointed to stores that do indeed carry the product.

Barcode Scanner: 1 result

The Summary:
Google Shopper: The UI is clean and smooth and works well but it would have been great to see local results. If I had been out shopping and decided to compare prices; Google Shopper for the most part, simply sent me searching for a computer to place an order. I'm glad to see the ability to share results for the instances where you want to pass along a good deal. As well as ability to save thing to history for shopping at a later date.

SnapTell: Seemingly searches for anything that shares a similar title. It often provided links to accessories or alternate products of the same name. The app does provide a list of relevant search info however. For example when we searched for Fightclub it provided links to IMDB and RottenTomatoes for further info.

Shop Savvy: Complete disclosure, this is my regular shopping assistant. I've used it the longest and with good reason. Consistent results mixed with functionality. When I'm out shopping I'd like my product scanner to do a bit more then tell me which websites have it and at what price. Shop Savvy does this. Although the library of local retailers seems to be limited to those that have agreed to be indexed by the program. Love to see this expand. Has the ability to set price alerts, filter reviews by star ratting and to save to wish list.

Barcode: This was the least impressive of the bunch. It simply pushes your results to google shopping list. Doesn't seem to provide any local results despite the fact that a similar search via the website from a PC does. Also barcode scanner requires a very well lit area for the camera to focus. And there is no way to input the barcode numbers manually in the instances where the barcode can't be read.

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  1. I've been using Barcode but I think I'll check out Shop Savvy. thanks.


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