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Android App Review: PhoneMyPC

Posted on 2/25/2010 by A.A.I

Many users want nothing more than for thier phone to be just as powerful as their laptop. And then there are those who just want/need for their smartphones to be able to access their computer. If you're either of these two groups you've probably looked in to a remote desktop application at one point. There are a few of them in the market. Some that simply allow you to stream your music and videos to your device. Some that simply allow you to control your laptop or PC with your android mobile device.

Today we are taking a look at an app that I've been playing around with for a few weeks. Some of the readers might recall my tweets. The coolest thing about PhoneMyPC right up front? The visual you get when you load your actual desktop on your android device. (see image above)
When you first load the app you are presented with a list functions. You can do things like: control the mouse and keys, view a snapshot of your desktop, control processes, see a live view of your desktop and more.

This app isn't just fun to play with, it's functional and that's the most important thing. There are so many uses for this application. Maybe you've got a lengthy download going (nothing illegal i'm sure) or a large install. So you step out to run some errands. Well with PhoneMyPC you can take a look at your desktop or any window and see the progress of your download or install before you get home. Important file on your PC that you need for school or work? Load it up on your PC and/or send it to yourself, without being late. Webpage that just won't display right on your mobile device (Farmville)? Load the app and view it right on your PC. Oh yeah and this works completely over 3G no need to connect to wifi. So you can use it anywhere your android device has a 3g connection.

The one thing that would make this the ultimate in remote desktop access would be audio. For example plays decently through the app but you can't hear the audio. Which they are working on! This may not be a free app like most of our reviewed apps but I say this is worth a download at $9.99. *The way I hear it is that the app is still in beta and is currently available at the beta price and will cost a bit more in the future. So be sure to check it out now. *


  1. sounds like a great app, wish it was a little cheaper though.

  2. I agree completely. This is one of the best remote apps I've tried out for android and I recommend it to friends all the time but the price mark is definitely a deterrent for most. Thanks for the comment.

  3. This is really outstanding.. Using only the existing 3g connection we can remote our PC / laptops what a really nice app.. Using this app we can remote our client PC for technicall support purposes..

  4. i wish it had sound will they be able to fix that in the future?

  5. It's been a while since I checked at their site. But the developers were planning to implement sound in future updates.


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