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Offical AIM App for Android...finally.

Posted on 2/11/2010 by A.A.I

If you're like me and thousands of other people who first put their hands on a G1 back in October of 2008. One of the first things you wanted to do was download all your familiar day-to-day apps. And for me a user jumping over to a very new android world from years of using sidekicks; that meant AIM.

Now early on, the pickings were slim for an AIM application in the android market. But as it grew over time, there were plenty of apps vying for the position of android AIM app. You know the one you'd use all the time and tell your friends about. And of course right about now; if not sooner, you're screaming about that fact that the G1 like all android phones came with an IM client that featured AIM among other services. This is true; and while the stock AIM app has seen a few upgrades and bug fixes it still doesn't sit well with many as a full featured AIM client.
(download available below )

Without bothering to go through the failing points for the stock app and others; I'll tell you what this one does right! Firstly, AIM puts an icon in the notification area. Not only to let know you're connected but also to allow you to see if you have IMs waiting for you before bringing up the app. Some may not like this but I find this to be a good feature. The UI is clean and smooth and in my opinion is the best looking IM client in the market. This thing looks like it's PC counterpart! With the new ability to sync your facebook contacts and the ability to sync with twitter as we could on the PC this makes AIM for android; a triple threat.

Now i did notice that sometimes if you use the back button to leave the app you will inadvertently close it without realizing, until you return. Which leads me to my next gripe. I tried a few times to purposely drop my connection (there's a joke for nexus users here somewhere I'm sure) and finally settled for airplane mode. AIM seemingly fails to notify you in any way that you have lost connection until you go back to the app. If you were waiting for a reply you could be left waiting for some time before you realize the app dropped. It also doesn't hold IMs for you that were incoming while your connection is down. (like the stock app).

So here we go. AIM for android comes out swinging in it's first iteration. Instant chat between you and your friends. Real time updates for statuses and availability, switching between multiple conversations, as well as Lifestream with Facebook and Twitter. This is version 1 and while there is always room for improvement I can't think of much that this is missing; other than the ability to share files. It looks good, it works wells and it's free! Give it a try.

Scan with your android device to download from the market.

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