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Google Launches Buzz

Posted on 2/09/2010 by A.A.I

So if you were in a comma for most of the day, then perhaps you haven't heard...the Buzz.

Google Buzz is google's most recent push into social media. Makes me wonder if they've forgotten about Latitude actually. Well that was until i got a chance to try it out. I just downloaded the latest google maps update for 1.6 and it include a feature addon for Google Buzz. I've tried it out and it's pretty cool how it makes little markers on the map of things I post, including pictures. Buzz will integrate other sites such as picasa, twitter, flickr and others. It has been rolled out to me in Gmail as of yet so I can't go into detail but you can find a full write up over at

(Update) I just logged in to check out my google profile since it creates one for you if you post from within google maps. All my Latitude posts were there as well, marked private. Interesting to see how they plan to merge the two.

This video features the mobile side of Buzz.

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