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AppAware for Android

Posted on 3/02/2010 by A.A.I

AppAware is a new app that aims to be a social market. Through the app you become 'aware' of what others users are installing and uninstalling. This provides and interesting method of discovering new apps.

AppAware works great as a means of discovering new apps. Upon entering the app the first thing you are presented with is an ever updating list of apps that are being installed and un-installed. If you press the sort button (bottom left) you are taken to the list of top users, top installed, top updated and top un-installed of the last hour. There is also new integration to allow you to see what users in your area are doing via AppAware.

The app has been updated already. So it's good to see that the developers are still working on perfecting this app. It would be useful if each app page included a description of the app for users checking out recent installs. At this time you are only presented with the install - remove count and meter as well as a link to the market. Looking for new favorites or the hot new app? Check out AppAware in the market.

scan Qrcode to download from the market.

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