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Good news for android...mostly G1 owners.

Posted on 2/27/2010 by A.A.I

So there are two bits of quick news for android users. Specifically G1 owners.

Firstly an OTA similar to that which myTouch users received earlier, is hitting the airwaves and heading to G1 devices. This is a *minor update* to improve call performance. And is rolling out now to devices. As with all OTAs, this roll-out is random and can take weeks to hit all devices. All you require is a data plan, then just sit back and wait.

And lastly, if you haven't heard the news circulating this weekend. All U.S. Android phones will apparently receive Android 2.1, but some will require a wipe others a PC install. It's also worth noting that 'not' all mobile devices will receive all the features found on the nexus one. (i.e live wall paper etc). This is due to processor power. The news that we are bring you is that the G1 will most likely be the first device to kick off the initial group of device updates. The guys over at belive this will all go down Q2 of this year. april/may/june.

Please keep in mind these are two separate updates. I know how crazy everyone gets when the OTA word gets involved.

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