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Review: AudioMananger Pro for Android

Posted on 3/27/2010 by A.A.I

If you're like me you've probably experienced those awkward or unpleasant moments when you think your phone is on silent or vibrate and it's not. Or maybe you set a calendar reminder or alarm for something only to miss it completely because your system or alert volume was turned down. It happens, trust me! Luckily there are some very simply and very easy solutions. One of them is AudioManager Pro.

AudioManager comes to us from the guys over at who were kind enough let us get our hands on the Pro version. Now I've checked out Audiomanager in the past but that was early days and it seems they've added to and improved the app. Audiomanager gives you control over 6 different volume settings. Alarm, Music, Alerts, Ringer, System and Voice-call. Each with there own stream to easily adjust the volume.

You can see in the image above that this layout makes adjusting any and all of the different volumes fairly simple. And this alone is pretty much what you might be looking for from this app but luckily it offers more. And if you've read my other reviews; you'll know, I'm very big on functionality. AudioManager Pro offers allows you to create profiles. So once you set each of the volume streams you can save those particular settings to use them again later. So if you're at the office; you can avoid having everyone hear your favorite line from Ludacris' latest track when your phone rings. But still hear alerts when that important email comes in.

And going a few steps further. You can then save those profiles as shortcuts right on your homescreen for easy and quick access. The app also offers two widgets, one large one small for your homescreen as well. As well as the option to place a shortcut in the status bar. And to offer up some customization there are 4 skins available.

At $0.99 (No Ads) AudioManager Pro is well worth the download for anyone looking for an easy audio solution.

Scan the above image with your device to download.

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