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Knocking Live for Android...and iPhone.

Posted on 3/24/2010 by A.A.I

In our 13 Must Have Apps - The Essential Android Apps post we listed Qik among them, one of a few apps in the market that will let you live stream video. Qik and Ustream for example live stream to the internet. This new app is one that lets you live stream directly to a friends phone.

"Knocking is a better, faster way to communicate with your social world. It is direct mobile to mobile live video and pics. Where you once got a call, or an e-mail, or a text or pix message, now you get a knock. In fact you hear a real knock on your mobile device or smartphone."

Knocking Live is another app from the iPhone world making a debut on Android. What I really like, is this isn't just another app that simply exists on both platforms. There is a coexistence here, I tried this out from a rooted G1 and connected with a friend who has an iPhone.

Right now Knocking Live for Android is in beta and only released for Droid and Nexus One devices. Though as I stated I did give it a try on a G1. The app seemingly will function on any device. The issue as I experienced it was with screen size. During my use I quickly came to understand that there were buttons and options that were out of view. Although during my android to iphone and my android to android use the video was good quality and smooth. Here's a video of a much more ideal, iPhone to Nexus One; knock.

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