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Review: Hootsuite for Android

Posted on 3/21/2010 by A.A.I

Hootsuite "The professional Twitter Client" is available in the Android market. With both a lite and full version ($2.99) available. To start off I want to say this app is full of customization. Multiple accounts and streams, each of which you can choose which tabs you want to view. (mentions, direct messages, searches etc)

Another interesting thing is the swiping method used to move between the tabs. You can swipe left and right or right and left to different tabs. This movement is smooth and fast. In fact I don't think I encountered a single problem navigating this app which is more than I can say for some twitter apps I've tried out recently. It's worth noting that profiles are very well implemented in this app as well. You can save searches and include them in your tabs, schedule tweets and even check your click count from All in all this app is easy to navigate, fast and functional. I haven't yet made the switch to hootsuite for good but I'll be holding on to it, it's the best twitter app yet as far as handling multiple accounts. Check it out in the market. Qrcode and mobile download link below.

And just in case you need a little more convincing check out this video review from the guys over at

Scan the above code with your android device to download

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