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Official Twitter App for Android Released!

Posted on 4/30/2010 by A.A.I

It was only two weeks ago that I was talking about an Official Twitter App coming to android. News of twitter buying apps and releasing their own was met with mixed feelings around the web. On one side; if you were a developer this gave you something to aspire too. Perhaps you could make an app that was good enough be bought by the company and become the official app in a given market. Much like what we saw when Twitter acquired Tweetie. On the flip-side of that argument is the fact the the dozens of developers who have been building twitter apps are in some ways being shot down. In a market that has possibly a hundred twitter apps or apps with twitter integrations it becomes very hard to compete with the app that is Official endorsed by the source site. Leave your thoughts on this below.

Today twitter released their app to the android market.  The app is fairly simple; allowing for only one account for the time being. But  As you would expect it integrates well into the android ecosystem. Allowing you to view and share tweets in a number of ways from your phone.  Including, home screen widget, maps, and contact and GoogleTalk lists.  You can read more about the official twitter android app on twitters blog.
It's worth noting and possibly disappointing to many that this app is only available for devices running android 2.1 or higher. 

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