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Review: 360 Live for android

Posted on 4/05/2010 by A.A.I

review submitted by Kevin

If you are an Xbox fan or a gamer in general, you'd like to know what your friends are doing on their gaming consoles. The problem has always been that you had to be on the console to see and communicate with your friends and/or team mates. It's being called the best Xbox live app on android.....and it's only been out for a short while. Well, we put it to the test. Today we review "360 Live". Please note that I'm using a T-Mobile G1 with update 1.6 and usage may vary from device to device.

Out the box (so to speak), the app is US $1.99 and 2.15mb. At first look, it asks you to log in to Xbox live with your email address & password you use for your gamertag. Once that's done, you are logged in. You are not truly online with Xbox live so no one can see you in the friends list. So 360 live's home screen loads up, and we see our friends list divided into to 4 sections (this may be only 2 for some users): Online - Away - Pending - Offline. Online shows gamers on your list that are online xbox live. Away (if you have this section showing) shows gamers on your list that are away from the Xbox live or that are idle. Pending (if you have this section showing) shows gamers on your list that have yet to accept or deny your friend request. Offline shows gamers on your list that are offline. It shows the basic info any Xbox live apps tells me; How many friends are online, who's online, who's offline, who’s pending, Who's idle, Who's away, who's playing what, last seen doing this or that, & gamerscores.

The UI is well put together and smooth for the most part. The app's home screen shows users gamer pics, gamerscore, live status, what they are currently doing, and a currently played game's game icons. This app really stands out because clicking on a friend with show you their Gamercard, Profile, and Games. Gamercard; shows you the gamer's gamertag, avatar, gamerscore, gamer pic, Latest 6 played games, and their live status. Profile; shows you the gamer's gamertag, status, reputation, info, gamerscore, name, location, motto, and bio. Games; shows the list of games played along with game icons, score for each game (earned and total), achievements (earned and total), and last time played. Click on a game brings up the achievement list for the game (earned and total) along with the achievement's icon and achievement's gamerscore.

Pros: UI is well put together and smooth at times. Loading doesn't take very long. I haven't force closed yet. Able to send, read, and receive Xbox live messages. This is shining feature for us as other apps will say you can do messages when you can't. The catalog is a pretty neat feature for looking up games you might want to check out.

Cons: App is US $1.99 and App is around 2.15mb, that maybe too much for some users. UI loads slow at times. Account Settings menu doesn't work so it served no purpose other than you let you sign back in. Why have it?....or are we missing something? Also, refreshing the friends and messages lists take a while. Sometimes you have to exit out and reload the app.

Decision: All in all...for what it does the app is definitely worth a try. It’s about 2.15mb and about US $2.00 but you get a great Xbox live app plus one that actually let's you send and receive messages, even if I have to refresh the app. Home screen could look a little nicer with some organization. App was definitely ported from iPhone.

Update: as of 4/2/2010. As of the latest update, the following features has been added and changes has been made to 360 live:

* Catalog's main screen is still plain but a bit updated.
* The setting's menu has been fixed. And contains your basics settings options.
* An option for coverflow mode, which in landscape orientation turns your friends list into a scrollable list that is very, very xbox 360-ish.
* Messages are better then ever as they are recieved and sent in a short time frame (usually between instant and 5 minutes) based on the options that you set.
* Message notification while program is open or in background.
* An option to change message notification intervals from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
* An option to change friends list update intervals from 5 minutes to 30 minutes

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