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T-mobile stores get Nexus One accessories.

Posted on 4/06/2010 by A.A.I

Reports are popping up all over that T-mobile stores are indeed receiving shipments of Nexus One accessories. Now if you look closely you can see that the labeling reads "designed to fit the HTC Nexus One" instead of Google Nexus One. This further leads some to think that we may eventually be able to purchase the Nexus One in store. Something that a lot of Android fans and the curious a like will appreciate. The Nexus One has been taking a back seat as of late as several new devices soak up the spotlight. A new push of in store Nexus devices would be a great move to further sales.

Let us know: For those who have held out, would you be more likely to consider the Nexus One if you could buy it in store?

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