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Tweetdeck coming to android!

Posted on 4/06/2010 by A.A.I

Tweetdeck has been one of the leading desktop twitter clients for a long time. And for nearly as long android users have been clamoring to have this app on their devices. A quick peek at the tweetdeck support forum here. And you'll see that it's been a constant topic as far back as early last year and beyond.

Tweetdeck is my hands down favorite in the desktop client game! And I've heard very good things about the iPhone apps. Now we've had plenty of positive feedback in regards to tweetdeck joining the android family but this is a really solid confirmation. Of course there is not time frame or release date mentioned, so we could be left waiting for some time. Tweetdeck recent published their app for the iPad. I've been hearing a lot about that from twitter ...via tweetdeck. Maybe now they'll have some time to concentrate on android.

Stick with us here, we'll keep you up to date on tweetdeck for android. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter.

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