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Apps2SD support in Android 2.2??

Posted on 5/04/2010 by A.A.I

Since I joined team android back in 2008, which is like 34 years ago in tech-time. One of the things everyone wanted was the ability to load apps onto the SD card instead of just on their devices internal memory. And if you were and early android adopter you recall the trials and tribulations of the T-mobile G1. One can make the argument about quality of apps, usefulness of apps and so forth but the fact is, hitting that wall of full memory is no fun.

And that's something the rooted community of android users haven't troubled themselves with for some time.  Apps2SD is one of the basics features of just about any good android ROM you can find. And i'm sure root users will tell you it's been bit of weight of their shoulders not having to worry about filling the memory and missing out on text messages or having to decide which apps to get rid of.

In what could possibly be further specs we can associate with the coming Android 2.2 Froyo release.  It looks like a coming update will finally include the much wanted Apps2SD support that users have been screaming for. Users came across this information within an Issue Tracker on Google's Android code site.

Comment #535 was left by a Google employee and the status was updated to 'Future Release'. Of course this isn't exactly an official statement and  doesn't tell us anything about release dates or in fact which update we can expect to see this feature in. Could be 2.2 could be 3.0. One of the more interesting things that has come of this is the discussion of the fact that most of the devices we're seeing being added to the android family have ample space for apps. Considering that I think most users are non rooted those still running older devices will benefit from this update...whenever we see it. This however does make me excited for the future of android games. More space means bigger and better android games.

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