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Review: Otter for Android

Posted on 5/17/2010 by A.A.I

With a subtext that reads "Answers Texts, Saves Time, Saves Lives..." Otterapp is an app that sets out to be much more than a auto reply service.   Otterapp comes in 3 versions. Otter, Otter-lite and Otter-urban. But before we get to the review a little information for our readers.

23 states and the District of Colombia currently ban texting while driving, while 6 states ban the use of a handheld device period while driving. (no talking) Under these laws the police can pull a driver over if they are seen texting or emailing. They will face a fee of up to $100 for the first charge and then $200 for any charges there-after.  To take a look at the cellphone laws in your area click here.  Also parents and teens check out the Break The Habit Campaign for further information.

Otter is a pretty simple and straightforward app. When you load Otter, you are presented with the options to 'Enable OTTER', which puts the phone in silence mode and begins the auto reply function.This feature also comes with a timer. You can set otter so you won't be distrubed or distracted while working within a given time period but still reply to messages.   'GPS Mode' which switches on the GPS speed detection. In this mode otter can tell you are in a moving vehicle and will switch to auto replies. Keeping you from being tempted to reply to texts or answer calls.  You also have the option to set your driving auto reply to the message of your choice, manage your response lists, and set the parental controls; a pass code for your teens phone so that features like GPS mode can be kept on. Otter also features a manual mode with One Touch text response.  Otter is available on the market for $3.99 (US) For more info on this app head over to

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  1. I like this, might put it on my sons phone.

  2. Best text auto-reply app on the market right now. Acts just like out-of-office assistant on MS Outlook GPS really works too!

  3. Thank you Android App Inspection for taking the time to review our app. We really believe that tangible change on our highways is going to come from within the texting culture in the form of a tool the respects texting and not in the form of a shackle.

    If you or any of your readers have any questions about OTTER, please contact us at:

    Erik Wood, owner

  4. Why wouldn't you put this on your phone? If you text, you should have it -- it's that simple.

  5. I'm right there with you guys, I've been recommending this app to my friends for the last few days.

    Thanks for stopping by Mr.Woods you put together a really great and useful app.

  6. Right on, AA. Your comment made our day. One little fire here, one there and pretty soon its blazing. Thanks for telling your friends. That is more powerful than any form of advertising we could buy. Take care,


  7. wow, i like it and i would to learn it :D


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