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Skyfire update brings Hulu functionality.

Posted on 5/06/2010 by A.A.I

The recent update to Skyfire has enabled the viewing of Hulu videos.  Something that was in the past blocked by Hulu on Windows Mobiles devices. It's not entirely clear if this is an official partnering or simply a workaround to the block put in place by Hulu.  The company has long taken the standpoint of blocking alternate web enabled devices from viewing their content. For the time being that doesn't seem to matter. If you haven't already download the update and check it out.  

Playback from Hulu is pretty decent. I tried it out on a G1 using a 3G connection so I imagine it will be even better under optimal conditions. Update* Some users have sent us tweets about it not working correctly the first few times they tried.  Others have suggested making sure you browser is set to desktop rather than android.  Leave us a comment below to let us know what device you're using and how playback is for you.

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