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Sprint passes on Nexus One for Evo

Posted on 5/10/2010 by A.A.I

The count of major carriers no longer planning to receive the Nexus One now reaches 3. Which certainly is a far cry from what seemed like a device slated to be on all 4.  According to Engadget; Sprint recently made the statement that they would be passing on the Nexus One in favor of the coming EVO. And it wasn't too long ago that news of there being No Nexus One for Verizon reached us all.

My suggestion! Google should sit down with T-mobile and make the move to get the Nexus One sold in stores.  T-mobile was the original Android Carrier and is currently the only carrier not sporting a heavy hitting smartphone; in my opinion. This move would continue the sale of Nexus Ones handsets as well as benefit T-mobile by potentially putting a halt to the number of customers jumping ship to get there hands on the Droid Incredible and the Sprint EVO.  Thoughts? Leave them below.

                                           Quick breakdown

Nexus One                                             EVO
Android 2.1                                            Android 2.1
1Ghz  Snapdragon                                  1Ghz Snapdragon
4-32 micro SD                                        8-32 micro SD
GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth                           CDMA, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, 4GWimax
3.7 widescreen AMOLED                      4.3 widescreen 65k colors
5 megapixel camera                                 8 megapixel

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