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DoubleTwist launches its own media player

Posted on 6/03/2010 by A.A.I

For some time now Doubletwist has been the best bet for Android users looking for a solid sync option.
In case you are unaware Doubletwist is a program available for Mac and PC desktops, it allows you to sync; videos, songs and playlist with your device. As well as the additions of podcast search, built in music store and access to android apps. Add to this the fact that doubletwist automatically formats videos for playback on your device. And you have one awesome app.  Readers and twitter followers may recall that I recommened it often.

If you'd like to take a look at doubletwist you can head over to our Youtube channel and watch the vid I put together but never published, for obvious reasons. You can expect video reviews and hardware comparisons here in the future. Now on to Doubletwist's media player.

As a first offering this app is solid yet basic.  The app does interface directly with the desktop app and allow for the syncing of a variety of files. And i'm glad to see a dedicated section for podcasts within the app. It's worth noting that while playing around with the app i noticed it only seemed to find or recognize videos that i took with my device and completely missed the others.  I'll keep you posted on that. And I'm sure we can look forward to new features and updates in the future.

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