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Review: GameFly for Android

Posted on 6/01/2010 by A.A.I

If you're an avid gamer, than you know about GameFly; rent as many as you want for as long as you want with no late fees or due dates.  When I heard that GameFly was on iPhone, I was happy to hear it and later disappointed, it wasn't yet on Android.  Now 6 months later, GameFly's Android app, Game Center, has finally come to Android......and Palm but that's a different OS.  We run Game Center through its courses.

For this review, I'm using a T-mobile G1 with update 1.6 so your experience may vary depending on phone, service, and OS version.  You must have a GameFly account or membership to view the GameFly Tab, but it's not necessary.  The UI is pretty smooth and responsive.  Game Center delivers game reviews, news, trailers and more. Pushing the menu button, shows you your options and lets you customize your experience by a choosing what system(s) you have and then you get to hear about game news, trailer, and reviews that relates to each system(s).  You can also choose to connect to Facebook or Twitter. By going to the "Games" tab, you see a list of systems at the top and games below it cataloged by Most Popular, New Releases, and Coming Soon.  

You can then click on a game; see the game's info such as game cover, availability, rent or buy, images, trailer, ratings, game description, cheats and codes, game controls, and game specs.  You can also search for games within the app. By going to the "News" tab, you see a list of systems at the top and news post cataloged by dates. By going to the "GameFly" tab, you see a mobile version of GameFly where you can do the same thing you can do by going to the website on your phone's browser......and that's actually not too bad. This is the only tab that looks like the mobile version of GameFly and I’m okay with that. It force closed a few times (2 or 3) but that was only after logging in. 

Pros:   Smooth UI, Bring items up fast, connects to twitter and facebook, and lets you view trailers, news, game specs, and more.
Cons:   GameFly tab is just the mobile web page and only usable if you have a membership.

Decision:   It's definitely worth a download even if you don't have a GameFly membership.  It's great for getting the latest news, trailers, release dates, and other info for all your gaming needs. 

Review by Kevin. 

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