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Tweetdeck Beta for Android finally here....well almost.

Posted on 8/11/2010 by A.A.I

A lot of twitter fiends have been waiting for this one, including me! Tweetdeck has been one of most popular twitter desktop clients since it's launch.  And as we've mentioned since as far back as early last year; android users have been requesting a mobile counterpart.

Earlier an unofficial build of the Tweetdeck beta was leaked online.  And tweetdeck was quick to make a statement via twitter and notify the masses thar the build was indeed not the official beta. They also advised users to avoid it, saying the official beta will be released tomorrow.

This very very short clip shows a user signing into multiple accounts via the Tweetdeck app.


Jump over to for more info and a few more screencaps of this app.
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For those that just can't wait, this is the link of the unofficial apk.  *download at your own risk*  We'll keep you posted when the real thing drops.

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