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Video displays Android Customization.

Posted on 9/09/2010 by A.A.I

If you start talking about the benifits of having an android device one of the first things that will be brought up is that fact that you can do whatever you want with these phones. But what does that really mean? Are we talking home-screen replacements?  Are we talking rooting? We've talked about home-screen replacements in the past. With our review of Slidescreen for android. And if you're a root user then it can mean a million different things. The most recent ROMs out there let users do everything from over-clocking the CPU to upgrading their devices to a new version of the OS not yet officially available.

But taking advantages of the customizability of android doesn't mean having to root your phone.  It just means using the right settings and having the right apps. Take a look at the video below of youtube user 'Royisonadnroid' and his  "demonstration of the possibilities for customization on the Android OS."

This is a great showing of just some of the things that are capable with Android.

Some of the apps featured in the video. 
Applications used:
- Widget Locker
- Beautiful Widgets
- No Lock
- Droid eye
- Launcher pro
- Quickdesk
- Quick Settings
- Locale
- Tasker
- Voice Search

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