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BBM coming to Android and iOS?

Posted on 3/06/2011 by A.A.I

News and Rumors that RIM has plans to release it's BBM service on Android and later iOS devices have been floating around since last week. Boy Genius Report has stated that things are indeed in the works to bring BlackBerry's prized messaging service to Android and possibly iOS as well.

There is not solid date or pricing information at this time.  And it is speculated that the Android and iOS versions may be a stripped down version of the service; one lacking features like picture, video and location sharing. With apps like WhatsApp and Kik  becoming ever popular on Android and iOS, RIM may be trying to take back the market that these apps are utilizing which is based on a concept they created to begin with.  According to BGR, android was chosen first because it would be easier to develop and integrate on an open platform.

[via BGR]

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