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5 Excellent and Free Fitness Apps for Android

Posted on 7/14/2011 by A.A.I

It's that time of year and everyone has been trying to get in the best shape they can. And sometimes we need a little help along the way.Each app that we have featured on this list, brings something different to the table. Which is why these apps are presented in no particular order. And while they aren't ranked against each other, these apps have been chosen for not only being among the top apps in health and fitness. But also for functionality and the ease of use that they offer to the user as well as being able to truly enhance your workouts.  You may find alternatives that fit better for you but these are our top picks.


Starting off for the group is JEFIT. It's an app that takes a serious approach to weight training and bodybuilding. Where a lot of fitness apps only focus on cardio and weight loss. Jefit comes in a free and pro version.  Once you create an account and then input your info you're ready to go. Jefit keeps track of your body data so that you can keep track of your progress, even if the average user will mainly be concerned with only weight and body fat percentage. The app features a workout planner, exercise database, and even a progress photo album among many other features. The interface isn't the best but the app app makes up for that by being packed with features.  As I said before Jefit takes a serious approach to training and there is a lot here that a casual user may not need but if you do need a more advanced workout app this is definitely it. The database includes a lot of exercises and if there is one that you are unfamiliar with the app gives you and a little demo and description on each one.   Signing up for an account also gets you access to the website                                                                        where your data and workouts are synced.

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Nike Boom 

Now this one won't be for everyone. But it makes the list because it offers and focuses on something you won't find in a lot of  fitness apps right now; motivation. This app is fairly simple. There's no database of workouts here and GPS is not required. Just bring your favorite music. Pick your sport then your workout and you're ready to go. The app will play your own music and playlists. And at intervals throughout your workout you will receive motivation in the form of voice clips from pro sports figures.

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There are many calorie counters available on android. So the app we picked for best app had to do a lot of things right to get our vote. Here's how the app stacks up. Calorie Counter - MyfitnessPal is simple and easy to use with a great interface. The app not only makes it easy to log your food intake for the day and keep track of your calories. But also takes into account any exercise or calorie burning activity you may have done during the day, by offering a field of entry for exercises.  And with a database of over 750,000 foods you'll easily find your calorie count and you can input your own custom foods and recipes as well. The app features a barcode scanner which is really convenient for quick entry, tracks nutritional intake and even lets you know when you've went over your daily allotment for the day.  To top it all off the app syncs all your data to the myfitnesspal website. I've personally lost a lot of wait recently and this app definitely contributed.


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This app is one that I have a lot of personal experience with as well as being one of the best cardio fitness apps available for android.   CardioTrainer is a free app but offers a pro version with a lot more features.  That being said the free app offers a lot itself.  Aside from the core app CardioTrainer offers add-ons, widgets and even heart rate monitor integration.  CardioTrainer has seen a few makeovers and redesigns over the years but the heart of the app has stayed the same.  Seamless tracking of your indoor and outdoor cardio activities.

The app tracks your outdoor activity via GPS, displaying on a map and recording stats like distance, time, pace and calories burned. The app has a handy autopause feature so when you stop to take a break or to get a sip of water the app pauses for you and resumes as soon as you start moving again.  Voice notification keep you up to date on your progress during the workout. And the app allows you to auto play your music when it's active. But the app is good for indoor activities as well. When on a treadmill for instance the app records steps in place of distance. CardioTrainer comes pre-loaded with dozens of activities. Everything from walking to biking and horseback riding and snowboarding.  When you are all done your results and times are saved in the apps history for review. You can also take the app social and share your activities on facebook and twitter.

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Push Ups - Sit Ups - Squats

No no i'm not just randomly listing exercises those are 3 separate apps by RITTR LABS.  These apps make the list because unlike most apps they offer you a chance to set a goal and then directly helps you work to achieve it. For instance the Push up app allows you to set a goal of 50,75, 100 or 125 continuous push ups. For anyone who's ever dreaded hearing "drop and give me 50." This app is for you. Even if you'd just like to build up your chest strength your abs or work on your lower body these apps are a great start in the right direction.  The apps work like a personal trainer.  First thing you do is assess your current ability or fitness level. You start by completing as many reps of each given exercise as you can until you reach exhaustion.  You record this in the app and then when you are ready you can begin your first workout. Then based on your goal and your initial results the app will put together a workout to help gradually push you towards your final goal. As you make your way through the workouts the app will ask you for feedback on the workout. In order to discover if the workout was easy, just right or too difficult; and adjust appropriately.  Making this an excellent way to approach some of your individual goals.

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