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Spotify coming to the U.S.

Posted on 7/12/2011 by A.A.I

It's finally coming! Over two years after the service went live in Europe.  Just in case you are unaware, Spotify is a music streaming service. And even though we've had Grooveshark, Google Music and Rdio among others; to fulfill our music streaming needs while Spotify wasn't available in the states. I for one am very interested to see how the services stacks up to the others.   The service is free and provides streaming from desktop and a mobile app. The free service is ad supported and comes with a 10hours per month listening limit.  You can upgrade to the unlimited premium service for $4.99 a month

You can sign up here.

Given that there are cheaper more readily available services available (GrooveShark, Google Music) will you be giving the long awaited Spotify a try?

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