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Facebook launches Messenger for Android and iOS

Posted on 8/10/2011 by A.A.I

Earlier today Facebook introduced a standalone messenger app for iOS and Android. This may not come as a surprise after they acquired Beluga the group messaging app earlier this year.  On initial review the app syncs very quickly across all devices.  Android's facebook app has added messaging to the mix a while ago but this new app adds a few new features; like group chat, location mapping, person by person conversation muting, photo messaging (which works the same as an attachment, rather than public posting)

Also worth mentioning I did take note that "Location Services" is turned on by default. So if location privacy is of interest to you, head into the settings to toggle it off.  Facebook obviously wants to do battle with BBM and Google + Huddles. Though this standalone messenger adds little functionality that wasn't available to users of the official apps.  I was however surprised to see this app was available for my Xoom. Honeycomb tablets still don't have an official Facebook app but at least we can send messages? I shot an email over to android support at facebook I'll let you know if I hear back on that one.

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  1. My only dislike is that I cannot turn off the notification chime when i get messages. My phone lives in silent mode.except when this notifies meDroidx


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