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Game Review: Deflection Lite

Posted on 8/30/2011 by A.A.I

Up at bat today is Deflection (lite version), a game very reminiscent of 3D Pong. But this game brings a few features you may not have seen in games of this type. When you first load the Deflection you will instantly take note of the retro arcade look and feel the game has. Play is pretty straight-forward  your reflexes will be tested as the game progresses and power-ups and game modes keep things even more interesting. The gamer features a number of AIs each that will challenge you in a different way. The game runs well on a mobile device but really shines on a tablet.

This game was a lot of fun and I'm actually keeping it to play during any down time I might have that may not last long enough for a more in depth game.The power-ups, game modes and different AIs actually add a lot to this game.  Though I'll admit there were a few levels/AIs that just seemed impossible at times. See the game in action for yourself!


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