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Swype Beta 3.25 available

Posted on 8/24/2011 by A.A.I

The latest version of Swype that was originally only available to Nexus S 4G owners, is now available to everyone signed up  for the beta. Which appears to be open at the moment.  This update brings a number of features and fixes.

Swype Gestures - With this version, we've introduced several new gestures for quickly doing some of the most common tasks involving text. You've always been able to use some basic, core Swype gestures, like punctuation words, and jumping quickly to the editing layer. We've added 2 new categories of gestures with this version: Editing gestures and application gestures. Check out our video introduction to gestures while you read the specifics...

  • Quick Editing - Access cut, copy, paste, and select-all functions in a flash!
  • Send-to-Application - Highlight any text, anywhere, then send it directly to an application with a quick gesture. Currently supported apps are Twitter, Google Maps, and Facebook

Personal Dictionary Management - Take control of Swype's personal dictionary with the new Personal Dictionary option in Swype Settings. Long-press the Swype key, then tap Options and you'll see 2 new entries. If you tap "Personal Dictionary" you'll be able to view, add, remove, and edit words in your custom dictionary. Press the "plus" button to add, "minus" button to remove, and tap any entry in the list to edit. You can also choose "Reset Personal Dictionary" to empty all words from your Swype user dictionary.

Swype Connect - Prior to this release, licensing and device information polling was done entirely through our installation program (SwypeInstaller). This proved both unreliable and tedious for the user. It also left us unable to gather important measurement statistics that could help us improve Swype by learning about how our users are actually interacting with the keyboard day to day. This initial version of Swype Connect features two main components, and lays the groundwork for more innovative, experience-enhancing features in the future.

Bug Fixes & Usability Updates - As always, this version of Swype includes numerous improvements over previous versions. You can find a full changelog directly below, but here's a quick list of some of the major fixes/updates:

  • Single-tapping a word no longer repositions the cursor to the end of the word
  • Words added to the dictionary will now retain their capitalization (e.g. Cyanogen instead of cyanogen)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Swype from reading the screen resolution properly on devices running Android 3.2
  • Fixed a bug where dictionaries would sometimes fail to load after a device reboot
  • Lots of application-specific improvements and fixes!

  See Full Changelog

See Swype Beta 3.25 in action below.

(beta no longer supports Android 1.6 and earlier) And if swype comes preinstalled on your device do not install this beta.


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